If you are planning to make a trip to a local beach, or to Croatia, or any other place of your choice, one thing for sure is that summer vacations are much needed and well-deserved. However, one thing that sucks the fun out of vacations is the budgeting.

Let’s be honest! A survey conducted shows that 59% of American people spend approximately $1,306 on traveling during summer. It also shows that 38% of them plan to spend more money on vacations this year than the previous year and 66% are likely to buy new things for their planned trips using roughly $320 on clothes, travel gears, and accessories. Therefore, if you don’t budget your money, your summer trip could leave your bank account empty!

Let’s look at the planning tips you could use to avoid spending much.

When is the Best Time to Go for Summer Vacations?

The best time is definitely not at the peak season. This is approximately two to three weeks before schools reopen after the August holiday. Most people plan for their summer vacations at this time. Avoid planning during this time. You can travel in June or in September when the rates are a bit lower. Plus, you will get to enjoy more because the crowd won’t be that huge.

woman on the beach

Here are other tips:

1. Pick an Uncommon Destination

Plan to visit destinations that not everyone else is going to. It could be an island, up in the mountains, or any other place that is not too crowded.

2. Book Cheap Flights

Aside from booking for your flights early enough, take your time to research on the flight prices. You can even use search engines and land yourself great deals. Make sure to compare the rates of the different airlines and see which of them fits into your budget.

3. Accommodation

After sorting out your flights, it is time to choose a place to stay. Do your research and get cheap but good hotels. You can also choose not to book a hotel and instead choose someone’s home. This is all about saving money!

bed in the hotel

4. Plan for Activities

You do not have to spend a lot on activities at your destination. You can look for other options, such as visiting a museum, which at times are even free. Therefore, you should have such information before choosing the destination.

5. Buy the Accessories You Need Before

waitingEnsure you buy the accessories you need before. If the hotel specifies you carry your own food, you can buy groceries from the local market, to avoid high prices.

At the end of the day, life is to be enjoyed. After working for so long, you need some time off. Summer vacations are the best for that. However, you do not have to burn a big hole in your account for the trip. The tips above will help you plan your trip in a cost-effective way. You will end up spending much less. So, yes it is possible to have a summer vacation and still save some money!